Friday, September 16, 2016

September Preparedness Month (16)

Yesterday's post we discussed preserving our refrigerated food supply. Today we are going to take a small peek at the possibilities for shelf stable foods in times of power outages. For today's effort we are only discussing foods that do not require any cooking. My backpacking mentor called these "walking lunches" since you could theoretically walk and eat lunch at the same time.

I store tuna and a pouch of mayo from Chik-fil-a, salt/pepper, and pickles (finely diced) for my own tuna salad on crackers. Add some hot sauce and raisins, and I've got a easy lunch with no cooking.

So, what's your favorite, easy no-cook meal that is shelf stable? We should have some good comments.

TIP: I have personally snacked through lunch a few times with almonds, dried fruit, and package of cheese and crackers with a Gatorade. Next time you are grocery shopping, look around at the possibilities of meals without cooking, you might be amazed!

Keep Right On Preparing - K


  1. Home made MRE, may taste better too, Some folks add taco sauces from taco bell...

    1. Fast food places are a great resources for condiments.

  2. Thanks for the ideas!
    Be safe and God bless you and yours, K.