Sunday, September 4, 2016

September Preparedness Month (4)

Today is another small task that we will expand upon in the future. You are going to create a new email account. Choose your favorite but add a capital E to your normal last name, The "E" stand s for emergency which is the only use for this email account. You can expand upon your last name if needed, such as your house number ( i.e. The password should be an easy one to remember, again such as your zip code then a period and the name of  head of household ( 12345.John ). This is just an example...

It should be shared with everyone in your household or group. Messages can be passed along to the entire group via email, much like the old school bulletin board systems.

One task every day, one small task....for a better prepared community - K


  1. Code words work too. Different words to describe things. Ex.. Gator colors, but not the gators. To my family that means orange and blue, the colors of the Florida Gators football, but not gators means Sun Country Airlines who I worked for, for many years. Another one Crazy Horse, not the Indian, but the p51 mustang in Florida.

    1. Another good example, as long as it is easily remember by your core group as a means of communication.