Saturday, September 17, 2016

September Preparedness Month (17)

Yesterday, we discussed no cook lunches and meals. I'll briefly go into some of the ways to heat and cook food. Wood and fire are obvious choices and almost free, depending on your geographic location, and would be a renewable resource in a life changing event.



A Sterno cook stove is about $5.00 and the Sterno is fairly cheap and very easy to use.

Combine this with some canned stew and some hot tea, and you've got a treat during an ice storm.


For about 35-40 dollars you can purchase a Propane cook stove that is more versatile, easy to use, and portable for tailgating or camping. In a previous post, I've done a field test between Propane fuel and white gas fuels (LINK TO OLD POST). I prefer the white gas version, but it is a lot easier to use the propane tanks.  I would be comfortable with my kids using the propane tanks but not the white gas stove.

There are also optional regulator hoses for using the bigger tanks on these small camp stoves, but that means spending more money. My propane grill also has a side burner with can be pressed into service for multi-pot meals. We currently have three large propane tanks for the grill, that way we don't have to run to the store for a refill when we've got food cooking.

Keep On Preparing - K

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