Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Challenge Update - Jan Accountability

I've been trying to keep track of my progress on this year's goals by keeping a draft form of the monthly updates on blogger.

*Increase our families preparedness food supply to 6 months of long term storage.

We have added these items into buckets and stored them for the long term:
2# Brown sugar
4# Powdered sugar
2# Mung Beans
20ct Earl Grey ind. teabags &  48 Family size teabags
10# parboiled rice
5#Great Northern beans
1.5# Garbanzo beans
1.75# lentils
35 # white sugar

We also scored 10 bags of dried black eyed peas(20 oz) for 25 cents each. They were a close out special from New Years Day at Kroger.

China-mart also had  Alaskan Skinless Boneless Pink Salmon for $1.88 each and we bought 12 cans for salmon croquettes. The expiration date is August 2017, so plenty of time to enjoy them. I'll post a picture recipe at a later date.

With the Super Bowl and special deals, we also purchased 10 cans of Rotel for .48 each. We plan on purchasing more this week.

*Get into better physical shape - diet and exercise.

Jan 1st : 182.2 lbs.
Feb 1st: 179.4 lbs

I did one exercise routine with the TV. I am walking more around campus instead of riding the bus, except for cold and rainy days. I'm also decreasing my intake of Coca-Cola.

Diet AND exercise to lose weight. Dang it. My goal is to lose one pound per month.

I started at 182.2 pounds and will update tomorrow morning with my Feb 1 weight.

*Get better organized in the home.

We have organized the kitchen and got Row's room cleaned out and storage bins labeled for all of his toys. He has done a good job on keeping it cleaner, but we have also been more strict. He'll be getting a small bonus on his allowance.

The trick is to keep the rooms organized and to stay on top of them.

*Complete some long standing projects - Kitchen and downstairs bathroom.

I thought about it, but no action.

*Reorganize our food storage into a better logical format.

We reorganized the downstairs pantry - now to tackle the "stack-it-in-the-back-room-storage-area"





*Get better grades in school ( 3 A's 3 B's last semester ).

I'm been spending more time studying this semester, but I think it has more to do with an added online course that takes up more time than a conventional classroom course. I have taken one test and scored an 88% and have 2 tests tomorrow.

I am spending at least 15 hours a week studying, and hopefully it will allow me to get ahead in all of my classes. A few Saturdays will be devoted to family, and no school books will be opened. I'm trying to maintain some sense of balance between the two.

*Go to the range more often with Sweetheart.

We went to wilderness once this month and shot pistols and rifles. Sweetheart needs more pistol time and liked the rifle better than she thought she would. Ammo has been hard to find, otherwise we might have gone out more. The plan is to buy 3 boxes of ammo and shoot one, while storing the other two away for a rainy day.

*Teach the kids new practical survival skills : outdoors skills, common sense camping

On the way back from wilderness, we taught the boys about getting lost and the use of a plastic whistle. We demonstrated that we could whistle louder and longer than yelling.  We also played a game of repeat whistle. I blow the whistle and they blow back in response. I talked to them about the importance of  staying in one location if they get lost, and to have a whistle so that they can be found quicker.

In the same area, we explored shoreline, and touched on the area of fishing and food. What do you think fish eat? Where would you look for fish? Those types of questions and answers.

*Learn to bake better bread.

I finally broke out the Kitchen Aid mixer that Father-in-law bought for us a while ago. My wife was been great about not pushing the subject since I tend to be very Spartan in my furnishings. Heck, I didn't even own a microwave or many kitchen appliances, maybe just a cheap coffee maker. I'm just too stubborn sometimes. It has made a fine addition to the kitchen. The homestead will have more counter space than this house. Ideally, we would like to host our families on the holidays.

I've made many loaves of bread, baguettes, pizza dough, and cinnamon rolls since we opened the box. I need to find more recipes that can be made from the food storage. I also scored a metal recipe box for my index cards for 99 cents at a thrift shop. The new cheapo plastic ones are about $5.00, and not even worth it.

I do need to research how to store and acquire leavening agent during a SHTF scenario. I've lightly researched it, but I'd like to get some real hands on learning.

*Pick three skills to work on with wife.

1- shooting.

*Be more consistent with the MRE Monday reviews.

100% this month. I did all of them this month and have one ready to flesh out for this Monday.

*Improve our family's water plan.

Sadly, nothing done here except for research. Research wouldn't be much good in a bad situation.

*Do a monthly review of each for the blog to hold myself accountable.

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Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Right now I'm testing a psuedo-sourdough culture. It consists of the scrapings from my latest batch of bread, ehich I'm feeding on the counter. I use Red Star yeast (commie yeast? I suppose- thats about as far as commie culture can maintain, right?) So we'll see how it works out. I haven't done a kitchen post for a while, so maybe I'll do a write up on it. The rest looks great! Good luck in the coming year!

    1. I would definitely be interested in your yeast propagation techniques and results. The light research that I've done recommends raisins as a yeast starter, and of course, freshly ground wheat can also work. Both soaked then worked into a dough - not sure of the time frame for an effective culture. I think I see more research and hot buttered bread in my future!!!

    2. The sourdough project is going well, getting great rise on loafs. Actually getting a lot more sourdough flavor than I expected. I was looking for contact info- didn't see any (but discretion is the better part of valor). Shoot me an email at tcallahan1982 aaaaat hotmail dot com and I'll send you some of the salients!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I've spent about 6-7 hours studying today. I'm about ready to call it quits and watch Big Bang Theory.

  3. I'm impressed, with your organizing and plans!
    I don't know how tall you are but it seems like your going to get too skinny!
    I have more counter space than in my last house. I just spread my crap out more!!! My kitchen is always a hot mess, it's in the center of the house, the barstools are the catchall when you come through the back door. I need to organize that space better! You have motivated me K!
    Have you seen MIB 3? Pretty funny and it made me think of you K LOL!

    1. I'm 5-6 and really unhappy about my stomach. Ideally, a lean 155 lbs is my goal.

      Wait until you see the back-room-throw-it-back-there project!

      I haven't seen MIB3, what should I be on the lookout for? I'll try to catch it between kids going down and studying some night.

    2. In MIB Tommy Lee Jones characters name is K. I wondered if you got your blogger name from that, guess not LOL!
      I need to lose at least 10# of belly too, I blame the homemade wine :)