Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ammunition Availability 2013 Poll

If you are just passing through, please consider leaving a comment. The more information, the more useful this poll will become. Thank you.

As per yesterday's comment section about ammo available out there and a post done at TEOTWAWKI Blog. I thought I might do my own informal research into what is available in the United States.

I've provided a cut and paste section for you to use in the comment section. If you are unsure about the type of ammo, please add ???.


Time Zone/State(if you wish):
12 gauge-
20 gauge-


I've filled out mine after visiting 3 stores yesterday-

Time Zone:Central
9mm- OUT
.223/5.56- OUT
.308- Some higher end still avail
.30-30 - good selection
.30-06 - picked through
.45ACP- very little - higher end still available
7.62X39- OUT
.22LR- very little
12 gauge- wide selection
20 gauge- wide selection
.243- ??
.38Special- OUT
.357Mag- ??
.380ACP- OUT

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UPDATE 1/24/13:
This isn't breaking news, but the ammunition shortage has been going further down the line. Reloading supplies have taken an equal hit. Primers and brass seem to be very scarce while powder seems widely available ( It has been a week since my last ammo scouting trip ). I have not checked on dies or kits/equipment, but image that they too are a rare sighting.

UPDATE 2/1/2013:
Ran by Walmart today, and they have limited the purchase quantity to 3 boxes per person per day. Unfortunately, all they had was 12 and 20 gauge shells. No buckshot, No slugs. I bought gun cleaning supplies with my ammunition allowance.   

UPDATE 2/18/2013:
Ran by some local shops and two major retailers today. Ammo is becoming more available but at a higher premium and usually with limits on the amounts that can be purchased per day/per visit. A box of 9mm that was $12/$13 before the panic is going for around $20 per box of 50 rounds. Magazines are also being sighted, but at premium prices too. Interestingly enough, I haven't seen a box of 22LR since the initial panic buying. Most common ammo ( 9mm, 40 cal, .45 ACP, .223/5.56, and .308 ) is being stored at customer service or behind the counter. I am hoping that the trend will continue and the demand ebbs while the supply makes headway into the pipeline.

Be sure to fill out the comment section for your ammo sighting and Thanks for stopping in.

UPDATE: 2/21/13 Semi-related to ammunition

  I placed two orders on 12-21-12 for five 30 round MAGPUL magazines each. I got this by email today.

 "Thank you for ordering from Ruger Sportswear & Accessories. Your sportswear order placed on 12/21/12 12:00:00 AM has shipped."

It has only taken 61 days for the order to be manufactured and produced. Considering that the last article that I read mentioned that they are about a million units behind in firearms alone, I'm quite happy to take delivery.

UPDATE: 4/07/13:
The ammunition shortage seems to be abating at a few stores. I laid my eyes on the first 22LR ammo that I have seen since the beginning of the panic buying/shortage. While Chinamart has a limited stock of odd caliber ammunition, my other ammo source seems to have tripled their stock. A 20 ct. of 556 cost me $11.99, and that is still about two dollars higher than last summer. Oh the 22LR, I passed because a small brick (100 ct.?) was selling for $20.

I did purchase a 50ct of 223, 9mm defense load, and two 20 ct. of 556 for a little under a hundred. I'll be able to take Sweetheart out for some range time soon.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. ...hmmm...I do all my ammo shopping online at Cabelas and BulkAmmo...

    1. Bulk ammo still has a good selection available, actually the best that I've seen online so far, but still no .223/5.56.

  2. I told the hubs about this, I will show him your post when he gets off work. But he said and I quote "They are all gone, if you don't have any stock piled now your screwed" He goes bullet shopping everyday at lunch.

    1. The response hasn't been what I expected.

  3. Time Zone: central
    9mm- gone
    .223/5.56- yeah right
    .308- nope
    .30-30 was there last week now gone
    .30-06 same as above
    .45ACP- sometime gone acouple at 1 loc. today
    7.62X39- no way
    .22LR- atwoods still has some w-m only mags and shorts
    12 gauge- target loads no buck or slug
    20 gauge- same
    .243- couple at atwoods not w-m
    .38Special- w-m had a few boxes of exp. stuff
    .357Mag- same
    .380ACP- everywhere still has them because they are high to begin with w-m = walmart
    Thanks Kelly's husband!!!! K if you have an Atwoods you need to look there ☺

    1. Thank You, looks like the ranges are gonna be slow slow slow for a while. I can't see anyone practicing when they can't find replacement ammo.

  4. Places around here seem to have about the same amounts as usual in everything. The prices are going up of course. Wally world had full shelves of everything yesterday and the local shop I buy most of my stuff from is still pumping out their own brand of 556 pretty steadily.

    There does seem to be a dearth of cheap 556 and 7.62 however

    1. I actually found some .223 at $40 for 50 count. At the same store, they also had some 9mm ( I bought 3 boxes ) and some 9mm HP for the ammo cans. Reloading has also been hit quite hard too, very very slim pickings to be found.

      We do have a new guideline concerning ammo - buy 1 box for the range and 2 boxes for the stash. We are looking to bulk up our supply after the last inventory.

  5. All common pistol rounds practically gone(a few .380/38 special/.45 still around-very few). 9mm, 357, 44 non existent(shopped walmart/cabelas in phoenix). Forget 223/7.62x39/308-sporting rifle rounds(243/7mm/270/300) still available as are shotgun shells.l heard everybody ramping up production(probably prices too) so the big guys (remington/federal/winchester) should make a mint. Handguns, semi auto rifles almost extinct in these parts too. Got caught during the last ammo/firearm panic - not this time. Suggest everyone arm themselves to the teeth after this blows over cause have a feeling this is a sign of things to come. Never again - shalom and good luck.

  6. nothing but shotgun rounds in Western Wash., Grays Harbor County, found 1 box of .38 JHP's, grabbed em, NO 9mm, .40, nothing!

    1. I figure it will be a matter of time before shotgun shells are gone too. I've been buying buckshot and slugs a few at a time as money allows.

  7. Just left bass pro in bossier city, la and NO handgun ammo....period!!!!

    1. Thank you for the update, hopefully more people will reply.

  8. Bass Pro, Kodak, TN
    Time Zone/State: Eastern
    9mm- OUT
    .223/5.56- OUT
    .308- some
    .30-30 - some
    .30-06 - yes, plenty
    .45ACP- out
    12 gauge-YES
    20 gauge-yes
    .38Special- box or 2 left
    .380ACP- OUT

    This was on 1/18/2013
    They did have a box or two of .40S&W, which amazed me, but it was not on the shelf, it was still in the cart to go out. And multiple people were picking that ammo up before the associate could get it on the shelf.


    I have 4 stores I buy from, this is the total for the past week:

    9mm - Small quantities available once a week. Get in line and hope
    .223/5.56 - Saw some today for the first time in a month ... gone in 10 min.
    .308 - one or 2 boxes all week
    .30-30 - No
    .30-06 - 5 to 10 boxes all week
    .40 - more than 9 MM but limited to once a week deliveries
    .45ACP - JHP usually - FMJ very limited
    7.62X39 - Saw about 5 boxes today
    .22LR - No
    12 gauge - Always
    20 gauge - Always
    .243 - Usually
    .38Special- One or two boxes seem a week
    .357Mag - No
    .380ACP - No

    Usually - 4 of 5 trips
    Always - 5 of 5 trips
    Small Quantities - One Case or less (1000 or less total)

    Basically, if you are there when the truck comes in, you get some.

    1. Thank you for the update, I'll be heading out later to have a look. I'll be posting an update soon. Check back late tonight.

  10. 2/1/13
    Today, nothing at local WalMart in Milton, GA. Also no 22LR at Academy in Cumming, GA. Small supply of a few cals!

  11. 2/1/2013
    Walmart, Camp Hill, PA

    no 9mm on display, but associate behind counter said he had one box that was not put out yet.

    .223/5.56 - NONE
    .243 - No
    .308 - box or two
    .30-30 - No
    .30-06 - dozen boxes
    .40 - (2) 50ct boxes left of .40 JHP (no name brand)
    .45ACP - NONE
    7.62X39 - NONE
    .22LR - NONE
    12 gauge - yes
    20 gauge - yes
    .38Special- No
    .357Mag - No
    .380ACP - No

  12. I started looking at ammo when I go to Walmart. I was shocked at how empty the shelves were! Our Atwoods is always out now too. I guess we should have kept our mouths shut LOL!

    1. It would have been gone regardless. I make it a point to buy my ammo slow and steady now. A box a week if possible, or the money goes into cleaning supplies, ammo box fund, or other gun related fun items. I just bought two MAD levers for the future AR projects.

  13. BassPro Harrisburg, PA
    9mm - Out
    .223/5.56 - Out
    .308 - some
    .30-30 - some
    .30-06 - various options
    .40 - only select high-dollar 20ct boxes.
    .45ACP - not much
    7.62X39 - some
    .22LR - OUT
    12 gauge - Always
    20 gauge - Always
    .243 - variety
    .38Special- One or two boxes
    .357Mag - Out
    .380ACP - Out

  14. Walmart near Goldsboro, PA:

    Only stuff they had was:
    12g shotgun shells (various)
    .410 shotgun shells (various, but limited)
    7mm Rem Mag

    Everything else was gone.

  15. Cabela's in CT had .223 ammo and .40s&w, along with other less demanded ammo. Minimal .22LR - May not still be there, as I was there last weekend.