Wednesday, January 23, 2013

U-Verse Lessons

U-verse is currently reporting that 1% of their 47,000,000 customers are having connectivity issues. So 47,000 people, though I suspect that the total number is higher. Remember how BP initially lied about the flow rate of the oil from the Gulf spill? They want to gradually give you the truth in small increments. It makes it much more palatable. I digress...

One of my classmates is affected by the outage because he bundled his services through AT&T, which means no phone, no television, no internet. I suggested that he take his laptop to a hotspot and do his homework there. He doesn't have a laptop. While it's not a big issue, he has computers are that available on campus for schoolwork.

I did talk to a few IT guys today about the outage, and they assured me that it is NOT just a "server going down" like they are self reporting. They have redundant systems in place for just such scenarios. So what would cause spot outages? Cyber warfare, a demonstration perhaps? Their Wall Street earnings are being released this Thursday. I doubt it, but within the realms of possibility. The most likely cause is some new program that isn't "playing nice" with the other programs. Anyone heard of the Six Strikes? I've provided a link for the curious. I'm placing my bets on this reason. can all of this fit into prepping?  Communications. Do you have a laptop to find an active wi-fi hotspot? Various methods to gather information in a wider event? Radio, battery powered of course.

How would you gather information?

-Car radio, battery powered radio, newspaper,cell phones, and TV w/ antenna & digital converter are a few ways that we can do it at our household. Oh, and can't forget the rumor mill neighbors.

How would you send information to your spouse/children/retreat members?

Sadly, we have even fewer ways to send information. Cell phone and land line are the most common ways. We also have a preset gathering point for one of our retreat members with a communication system already discussed. A ham radio operator would be a big benefit to our group. CB radios in shorter distances would be another option, as well as handheld radios.

What are your ways to give/receive information? The comment board is open.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. I have AT&T cell service and I have had a line from the middle of a text message dropped recently. Changed the meaning quite dramatically. A friend with AT&T service has not been getting entire messages. So yeah I think this is much bigger than 1%.

  2. My parents are affected as well. Everything is down for them..

    1. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly.

  3. We tried AT&T for their 30 day whatever. We learned the hard way. Fortunately I keep receipts. I know I will never go with AT&T again.

    How we would communicate between here and NC, I have no doubt because I am sure the feds could take down the whole internet (and cell phones too) if they had a mind to. >:/

    1. We actually us them, and we haven't had any major problems so far. With Sweetheart working at home, we don't like to change our internet providers because of the headaches it brings.