Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Deserve It

Row and I were getting ready for Scout Night, so he could earn his recruiter patch a few Thursdays ago. Thursday is also Row's cooking class that he really wanted to take in his after-school care, and it ends at 5:30pm. The scout night started at 7:00pm, and he had to be there to help open the door, answer questions, carry the flag, and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

We finally got home about 5:45, and Sweetheart and I made a quick dinner while Row did his schoolwork. We ate the quick dinner, but Row piddled around, which didn't help with the time crunch. So, here it is at 6:40 and I get Row into the tub for a quick bath.

We get Row out of the bath, and I'm putting on his neckerchief  while he tucks in his shirt. By this time, Row is dressed, it's 6:54, and it takes 7 minutes to get to his school. "Let's roll.", as I head out the side door to the car. I get to the driver's door and Row is nowhere in sight. "Are you serious?", as I storm back into the house to get Row motivated. He's standing on his head in the middle of the living room when I ask, "What are you doing?!" He does a forward somersault, and looks at me kind of puzzled and says, "You told me to roll."

As I said, I couldn't get mad, and I deserved it!!!

Keep Right On Prepping - K