Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Dantini" A Camping Classic Shooter

This recipe is a smooth one. It is named after an old manager of mine, and the shooter is very popular with "the crew".

Ingredients: (denotes amounts for entire fifth)
  • Ice
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Sweet-N-Low packet (5)
  • A Quality Vodka (Fifth)
  • Sprite (Two 16 ounce bottles)
  • Lemon Juice ( like those fake lemons in the produce aisle) (5)
  • Lemon (3)
Fill shaker half way with crushed ice and then add packet of Sweet-N-Low on top

Fill to two-thirds of shaker with 50/50 blend of Vodka and Sprite

Empty entire lemon juice into shaker and squeeze half a lemon into shaker

Shake well. Drain into Dixie cups and serve on classy plastic lid top.

A fifth of vodka will produce 30 shooters, and many other silly things.


  1. That lemon really looks like an orange :)

    1. It was one of those Meyer lemons, which I believe is a mandarin orange-lemon hybrid.

  2. Looks good! Fun times camping!!!!

    1. Yes, a lot of silliness and laughter. It was very much needed by all of "the crew".

  3. Did you make some of those before the camping trip hmmmm...maybe that is why you forgot part of the tent...bahahahaha

    1. LOL, I wish that I could blame them, but the tent poles got left behind because of poor post camping maintenance. I usually clean the gear and make sure everything is together, obviously this didn't happen with the tent poles. They should have gone into the bag with the main body of the tent. Lesson learned.