Thursday, March 21, 2013

Harper's Ferry: Side Trip

A much easier day today...

A very small section of the AT was hiked today, up from downtown Harper's Ferry past St. Peter's Catholic church (seen in the picture) to Jefferson's Rock. The Potomac River is also seen in this photo with Row and myself. The stairs were from the 1800's, which means not very uniform and could be treacherous in wet weather.

We  also made a trip to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy HQ. The staff was very friendly, and helpful, but what else would you expect?

A relief map of the entire AT was at the back end of the room. I showed the boys where we were in relation to the map and our trip to DC yesterday to help put things in perspective.The underside of the map, was a model of the trail shelters along the AT.

The weather was cold and windy, so it made our time short at Harper's Ferry. The downtown has a lot of restored buildings that can be entered, and some displays are set up behind glass for visitors to see.

Before the two hour parking was done, the boys got some real hot chocolate made with milk, and Sweetheart and I had some hot coffee. It was real nice to wrap our hands around the cups!!!

It's been nice to get away from the routine of things at home, and to visit family. It seems like time is always too short...

Tomorrow we are headed to Wegmans Grocery Store. The store is the Holy Grail for foodies according to my wife. I'm interested and happy to spend a few hours there for lunch and some shopping for items that aren't local for us. The evening includes making our bags small, and collecting our stuff for the trip back home. I also have to spend a few hours on schoolwork, which I have totally neglected this week. 

Keep Prepping Everyone. Things are getting interesting in the world. - K



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