Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Preppers Shopping List (Every Time)

This is one of those posts that have simmered on the back burner for some time. Whenever I go to the grocery store, I tend to buy a few items for the long term storage or food pantry. When we get our homestead, there will be some items that we will buy every trip for prepping.

Here's my short list:
  • Toilet Paper
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Rice ( about half the time )
  • Dried legumes
  • A case of water

This doesn't include replacements like peanut butter and canned goods that were used, but the food that is going to be set back for a longer time.

What are some of your "buy every trip" items?

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Edit: I wanted to clarify a few things since this post went out early this morning, and I hadn't had my cup of coffee yet. We are currently working on a one year supply of food for the family, thus the purchases every time we go to the grocery store. Of course there are certain items that are always going to be on the list such as milk, eggs, and bread. There is a Whole Foods type store that we buy about a pound or two of wheat berries every time we go to increase our wheat storage too. 

Ammunition is "looked at"  was purchased about half the time before the shortage/panic buying took place. Now, I'll usually buy some gun cleaning supplies, gun oil, or other related items with the budgeted amount.

Thanks for the great response so far, but what about you? What do you buy every or most trips?


  1. Great post and a topic that needs to be covered more.
    For us we do not have a "every time" list. Every Wednesday we scan the circulars of the local stores and make a list on what's on sale and what we are needing for the store room. Our inventory system has a max and min amount on each item in the room.
    For instance, if the number for toilet paper is a max of 600 rolls and the min is 200 and our inventory is at 400 and they are on sell at Kroger then we will pick up 50 to 75 rolls. The same goes for every item in the room.
    we do not buy freeze dried long shelf life foods but instead grow our own and can, plus stock the room with every day foods we eat.
    Thanks for the post.

    1. Yes, this is the main advantage of having a food pantry. It allows you to stretch your grocery dollars. For example, Sweetheart likes almonds and they had a sale where they were two dollars cheaper per bag. We bought ten 1# bags and saved $20 over a period of ten weeks. The change really adds up quickly.

  2. I don't have much storage space for food or anything else for that matter! I would like to turn one whole wall of my laundry room into shelving to store canned foods.
    My food stash is small and I just try to replace what I've taken from it during the month. The toilet paper preps is growing though. Every time I take some I put back double. I had a good stack of water that I haven't replaced yet. The hubs took it to work :/

    1. LOL, my wife would probably trade jewelry for enough TP if the SHTF.

  3. I am always on the lookout for coffee, so I guess it's on my list. I'll collect coupons and wait for sales and then get 2 or 3. I try to stock both beans and ground. When I can find real cans (the full metal that requires a can opener), I prefer those. Got a few for $2.88 last year. With bags, I vaccuum seal and bucket them. While I was ramping up, I picked up rice, a few cans of chicken or veggies (depending on coupons or specials) along with TP, toothpaste (lots of coupons for this), a 3-pack of lip balm and a tube or bottle of aveeno moisture lotion about once a month. The medium-priced toothbrushes at K-Mart are still made in the US, so I'd grab a multipack when picking up prescriptions there. Don't forget to plan for the families' skin and dental hygiene as a first line defense against disease!!

    1. I regularly coupon and get free toothpaste and good name-brand toothbrushes when the sales are right. I think we have enough toothpaste to last us until 2015. The extras get donated to the family and friends because I hate to pass up a good deal. Lotion is an item I am lacking. I probably need to add Bic lighters and lip balm for the barter box.

  4. K....A "barter box" thread would be great to start! I forgot all about little bic lighters! They would be cheap and SO desirable.

    1. Great idea, I'll post my Bic lighters and lip balm when you get it posted. I'll be looking for your thread, maybe I'll get some new ideas?