Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back to Hot Water and Electricity

Just a short pictorial of the trip and a few comments:

The tent review is a bust, Mr Planningandforesight, Aka me, forgot to double check the gear, and the tent poles were in the closet at home. It was back to the basics, a tarp, rope, and some tent stakes.

Friday's day hike took us from Kyles Landing (base camp) on the Buffalo National River to Indian Creek. Rough terrain with great views. The crew consensus was that this would be our last time to camp at this location. We have pretty much explored all the areas within easy reach. A Float trip is being discussed for next year.

One of the crew in the picture for comparison.

The food was really terrible....Grilled Ribeyes, Pan-fried potatoes w/ onion, Caesar salad, Merlot Portabella Mushrooms w/ red onions toppings. 

Breakfast: Butter Croissant, Boer's head bacon, fried egg, and sharp smoke cheddar.

My favorite picture of the whole trip is the one above or below.

My updated self portrait. No tent review, but I will be doing a boot review of these TruSpec Boots.

 Water pouring out from under the rocks within the river bed area.

This is the same area but looking into waterfall area. I really liked the erosion on the ceiling area.

Home Sweet Home.

Saturday afternoon was made for studying at the campsite. The crew went out while I sipped on iced tea and made flashcards.

 We ran across this interesting bug out vehicle. The tent sits on top of the trailer, and the storage is stored under the tent. The entire trailer when readied for transport is smooth on top and has the same clearance as the Jeep.

Glad to be Back Home and Keep Prepping - K


  1. Haha.
    Have a great week. :-)

    1. Thanks! I am really tired, and also realize how out of shape that I am after hiking a mere 5 miles with a light day pack. It's always good to be home with Sweetheart and the kids, I thought about them a lot.

      The hot shower is amazing. I know understand the old westerns where the cowboys get a girl, bathtub of hot water, and bottle of whiskey after being on the trail for a few months.

  2. I remember seeing this last photo here and then I remembered a website that takes this idea to the max, plus he has a Youtube channel that features this rig quite a bit.

    Just thought I'd share.