Friday, July 26, 2013

Project 21st Century

I have started an ambitious project of repainting the living room this semester break. I get about little under 3 weeks between semesters, and the living room is in dire need of a makeover. The hallway was officially completed yesterday! A full two days behind my schedule for the break. The last week will be spent at the beach with a slew of family and relatives descending on The Caribe like summertime locusts.

The hallway project started about a month ago quite by accident. Well, not so much an accident. As I was walking past the wallpaper that covered the lower half of the hallway, I reached out and started to peel it off. A bigger chunk than I was expecting came off, and so it started. The lower portion of the hallway was a different color than the top, and it looked rather tacky. It needed some attention, and we've been in this house for over ten years. It should have been done a looong time ago.

The visqueen is covering the attic fan, and during the summer and winter months, the heat/cold pours into the house. The double layer of visqueen probably saves us over $40/month just from heating and cooling.

Looking down the hallway

Looking up the hallway
The gate was to keep the kids off the stairs, but now used for canine control.  Our viscous dog, would lick intruders to death if allowed to run free. Our rescue dog is our oldest kid, and earns his keep by saving us money on an alarm system. He has been a wonderful companion, and excellent with the boys.

The new project, is running two days behind because of the hallway and my slothfulness. I've already taken all the personal pictures down, and done some small tasks. The previous owners had plants hung from the ceiling, and the hooks have been removed and patched as of yesterday. From the photos below, you can see that we painted a small area of the wall to make sure that we like it.

The house is being prepped in anticipation that we will be selling it within the next year, so that the boys can go to a better school. Using the house as a rental has also been discussed, since we owe so little on the mortgage. The daycare is no longer providing after school care, ergo our "reason" for a transfer won't be valid anymore.

This brings us full circle to the project at hand: Bringing our family room into the 21st century, and out of the 1980's!! I have the idea to post nightly pictures as the project'll be fun to see the progress and to document the changes.

Facing South, entering from the entry hallway.

Old color on the left, new one on the right. Valspar Nighthawk Satin Finish.

The big 65" TV against the wallpapered wall. This wall will takes HOURS!!!

Our lovely curtains from the previous owners...begone.

The bookcase between the two doorways.

Well, you can see the project ahead. Time to get working, and I'll post tomorrow.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. It's looking good. That is a very RED color in the living room though :)

    1. Yeah, it is the only room in the entire house that didn't need immediate attention once we moved in. To give you an idea of the previous owner's taste, the master bedroom was a Peptobismol pink! This is the last upstairs room that hasn't been redone.

  2. I like your house the way it looks! But having a house means always having to fix something. Good thing you have the skills. I live in a log house and it's like living on a sail boat, every day you get up and try to decide what you will fix or repair today.

    1. Thanks, but the pictures don't show exactly how "wore" the room looks. After fourteen years, it was time for a makeover to the family room. LOL, yes, it is always something to be fixed, replaced, cleaned, or maintain with a house.