Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday: Project 21st Century: Brute Force and Finesse

Before any of the update begins, I need to do some house keeping. A huge Thank You for the donations. I should have been a lot prompter in my post, and I guarantee that the money will go to good use!

I also need to welcome a new follower...Constitution Coalition and his/her blog is the same title.

On a personal note, I have broken 100 countries and 10,000 unique visitors from the United States on my blog. Only 313,890,000 more people to reach about prepping and personal responsibility.

The title of the blog (Brute Force and Finesse) says a lot about this me and my Sweetheart. I approach most problems from the viewpoint of a hammer, and all problems are nails. Sweetheart has more tact and finesse.The huge, I mean huge wall would be a great example. I was trying to power my way through the wallpaper.

Sweetheart's work

Sweetheart, who has more finesse, took the smaller putty knife and worked it under the layers of wallpaper, then carefully slide it around. The net result has huge chunks of wallpaper coming off with little less effort. She ended up spearheading the big wall project while I played cleanup and detail work. If I had continued my manly ways, I probably would have ripped all of the sheet rock out, and started from scratch. Finesse wins this round of home remodeling.

This is what was left after she was done...or my job.

The Piranha wallpaper remover worked on the big wall. The only thing that I can guess is that the paint or texture is different. Around a third of the wallpaper removal, I ran out of the $7.00/half gallon bottle of Piranha. On a whim, I sprayed Simply Green on the wallpaper backing, and to my surprise, the results were better than the more expensive stuff.

What's left to remove along the borders.

Can you believe that this is the big wall?

File this one away folks...Simply Green removes wallpaper paste, is cheaper, and non-toxic.

Keep Right On Scraping & Peeling!- K

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