Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Sunday Times

At our home things are starting to wind down for the summer. I'm brushing up on my anatomy for my final validation of the semester. I'll also be carrying forward two comps for the next semester. I passed my ACLS course, and am now certified for Advanced Cardiac Life Support which should give me a slight edge when applying for jobs. I've also written a sternly worded letter that our graduating class stands behind, because of some of the new policies that have been implemented by the college directors. It will cost each student several hundred dollars, and a lot of time. A few of the items are redundant things, such as another physical and another certification for BLS almost a full year early. I'll be running the letter by my advisor and department director to proof, mainly to make sure that it is professional and polite. I'm certain that it will have no direct impact on the policies, but I had to voice my concerns. Maybe the ivory tower occupants will hear a peasant's voice? 

The boys are taking  Red Cross swimming safety skills through our dive shop in anticipation of our annual trip to the beach. We are all about real world safety skills, just in case. They have had a big time this summer without having to spend a ton of money. We've tried to keep things simple (read: cheap/frugal) since I'm in college.

Money has been tight, but Sweetheart has been working two evenings a night on her other job.Which means that I've had to step things up with the chores, and taking care of the house. The boys are getting older and able to help out more around the house. It usually takes longer, but we are trying to have them become productive members of our society. No sense in raising another free loader, there is enough of those already!

The boys already earn their own money by doing chores. Their main source of income is school by good behavior, and keeping up with their school work. We feel that that is their job until they get out of college. Hopefully they will be smart enough to get an education early. I have some regrets about not going to college sooner, but I wouldn't have met my wife and had my two adventurous boys if I hadn't waited so long. How time slips away so quickly...

The hallway painting project has been rather slow, with only a few hours on Sunday being the norm. It should be completed soon after I'm done with the summer semester though. Like I said earlier, I've had to pick up the slack on chores. It seems that most projects take way too long around here. My Dad would have it knocked out on a weekend or a day.

Speaking of which, they have become regular readers of my blog. It kinda throws me for a loop every now and then when they mention something that has been posted. Hi Mom and Dad! I wasn't really sure how they would take the whole preparedness blog, but my Grandmother and Granddad were better preppers than our family. Grandmother always had a full pantry, probably enough for a good six months worth of food for the two of them. When Y2K was coming up, I asked my Mom if she had thought about it, and she said that "Yeah, we'll go to Grandmother's house".

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Sweetheart and I have talked about this very scenario. What do you do when your parents and other family members start showing up at your doorstep after a SHTF event? We'll post our thoughts after we hear your comments.

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  1. You should do a post about what you expect refugees to have on them when they show up. Like pancakes and batteries...hint hint MOM!!!

    1. Excellent idea. The perfect refugee survival guide to joining an established homestead.

  2. I have no problem taking in family. We've told our boys the door is open, but they have to get here and be ready to work.
    Our grandparents didn't call it prepping. It was a way of life for them after the Big Depression and the Wars.
    Still wish I'd had the sense, when I was younger, to learn what I could from my Granny.

    Have a blessed week and congratulations on passing your ACLS class!

    1. We are of the same mind concerning family. Our/Everyone's Grandparents knew more about prepping than a lot of preppers know today.

      Thanks, I'm looking forward to a few weeks off from school, and the ACLS was hard, but worth it!

  3. Hmmm... Family and friends and what to do when they show up at my door. Well, I will probably go to my dad's house simply because of its location. I have more gear that the rest of my family combined, am the only one who has ever trapped, the only one that hunts, and one of three that can gather with any proficiency. As far as extended family is concerned. My uncle raises bees and is beyond handy, my grandmother is a seamstress, my grandfather has forgotten how to build more things than Ill ever know, my brother is a decent shot, the most fit of all of us, and is quite educated in botany, and my mother and father are both doctors. If we were to all ban under the same roof I am fairly confident we would fair rather well. Regarding friends, I wont be babysitting anyone through anything. I have been rather forthright with them about that. I get the "I'm coming to your house when..." pretty often. My typical response is "I wouldn't." I will gladly take anyone with valuable skills and abilities but I won't be pulling anyones dead weight. I expect everyone to contribute to the betterment of the "society" as a whole; as much as I care about them if they can't pull their own weight, I'm not willing to pull it for them.