Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday: Project Complete

Yesterday was a relaxed day as far as working on the family room. The second coat of paint went on the big wall that had all of wallpaper on it. A few things were placed in the bookcase, and organized.

I'm thinking of ordering some movie posters for the room to over the Klipsch Cornwalls. It is really nice to get the family room back in order. Sweetheart was right and it really bothered me to have the house in such a wreck. I am saying that the project is completed, but there are a few loose ends. I want to have a charging station for the boy's game systems. I'll also have to figure out a non-cluttering place to put my school work.

We do have a shoe cabinet, but it doesn't get used like it is supposed to be used. Shoes usually get left where ever they get dropped. Well, I'm off to move a washer and dryer for my father-in-law.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Wow you completely reversed the slope on the ceiling and added a ceiling fan too. Thats amazing.

    The color looks good too.

  2. Looks really nice! If you ever decide against your current career plans, let me know when you'll be in Arizona. We can put you to work for a while!

  3. It's always hard to be working on the place, because it causes disorder. For a person who likes everything squared away, that causes a vague disquiet and sometimes even anxiety. You can't put your finger on the cause but you know something isn't right. I'm glad you got all finished up with the major things. Your work is really good, and your home looks very comfortable and spruce.

    1. Thanks, the worst is when you can't find the tool that you JUST laid down.

      The finer details of organizing, and purging will take a few days.